Sales, Customer Service & Human Resources Management

Just about everyone has had the experience of hiring someone they thought would be a superstar, only to be disappointed by their performance. This issue is not a new one but there is a different kind of frustration now. I hear over and over that you want to be spending time on bigger strategic issues and on developing your team. Instead, you are forced to spend your time responding to problems and supporting underperforming people. As long as you continue to use a hiring process that doesn’t always result in the best candidate for the job, you are stuck in this vicious circle.

It is possible to take control of the hiring process. By getting in-depth information on your candidate and how they will perform in your team and at your company, you can make better-informed decisions. You’ll get more from your training dollars as you begin training the “right” people and as turnover and recruiting time are reduced, you’ll be able to focus your attention where you want to rather than where you have to.