Who We Help

We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful people at some of the most outstanding companies. They include:

Is Delta-V Strategies a “good fit” for you and your organization?

We’ve worked with clients of all shapes and sizes to energize performance and align it with business strategy. To do this, we develop close partnerships…

CEOs, Presidents & Business Owners

So many of the leaders I talk with are frustrated and are no longer enjoying their jobs. They are concerned that performance isn’t up to par and are troubled by the way their organization is functioning.

Executives, Directors and Managers

Being a mid- to senior-level executive can be one of the most challenging places within an organization. You interact and participate with the highest levels of leadership but you are also closer to the action…

Sales, Customer Service & Human Resources Management

Just about everyone has had the experience of hiring someone they thought would be a superstar, only to be disappointed. Supporting underperforming people and responding to the problems they…


Having served as president of a 75-member board (no, that’s not a typo) for six years, I know how dramatically the changing environment has affected the non-profit sector.

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