Who We Are

About Company Founder

Believe it or not, ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to work with organizations. I’ve always been a student of business and fascinated by what great leadership can achieve. I’ve learned from some of the best, and some of the worst, in a variety of positions from bartender and manufacturing technician to assistant director and national marketing manager.

My passion comes from having worked and interacted with people at all levels. I’ve seen firsthand how management’s attitudes and behaviors affect people’s performance and corporate results.

  • I’ve worked on the shop floor manufacturing gas turbine blades and seen how a lack of engagement costs a company in rework and reputation.
  • I’ve fielded hundreds of customer complaint calls and know how empathy and responsiveness affect customer loyalty and retention.
  • I’ve managed an exceptionally diverse workforce and seen how management’s treatment of employees is reflected in their treatment of clients.
  • I’ve lead product development efforts and know how customer input strengthens relationships and speeds up distribution efforts.
  • And I’ve coordinated the efforts of R&D, sales, manufacturing, customer service and marketing and seen how a lack of direction results in internal conflict and a “silo mentality”.

These experiences, and my 20-plus years in both service and manufacturing, have shaped my philosophy and my approach.

I received my Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University and my MBA from Rutgers Business School. My belief in continuous growth and development applies as much to me as to my clients. I enjoy challenges that stimulate my thinking and enable me to bring world-class ideas, tools and techniques to my clients. I have worked directly with Peter Hunter, creator of the Breaking the Mould process, and was among the first U.S. consultants certified to use this powerful process. I hold a variety of certifications and am a member of the Odyssey International Consulting Consortium as well as a variety of professional organizations.

Mission & Values


To promote and celebrate leadership


Extraordinary Relationships – We strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we interact with.

Continuous growth and development – Only through our continuous growth and development can we help our clients and partners do the same.

Inspiration – We take care that our passion for this work never diminishes because it is through our passion that we inspire our clients to see what is possible for themselves.

What is Delta-V?

Delta-V or ΔV, literally, means a change in velocity. Delta (Δ) being the Greek symbol for change and V representing velocity.

The term delta-v is used in rocket science (specifically astrodynamics) to calculate the effort needed to change trajectory or course.

We chose Delta-V as it represents what we do, although not even remotely in a rocket scientist kind of way – help clients choose a new course (orbit) and then help the organization to generate the sufficient force (their delta-v) necessary to reach the new orbit.

Rockets, like organizations, have significant momentum and don’t “steer” easily. Considerable thought and
analysis are required to determine whether the rocket (or organization) has the appropriate fuel (resources) for the proposed maneuver. It takes tremendous planning, coordination, and effort to successfully achieve a change in direction. And, once the new orbit has been achieved, constant monitoring and fine-tuning (smaller delta-v’s) are necessary.