What They Said

“There was tremendous potential for the meeting to run amok and for things to get very heated. Your calm control of the meeting kept everyone on track, and you were masterful in guiding the Board through the complicated issues that needed to be addressed. Obviously you did your “homework” and devised an excellent strategy.”

R. Brush
Rutgers Business School Alumni Association

“I want to thank you for a wonderful and educational class! I received nothing but positive feedback. Everyone enjoyed the class and walked away with a better understanding of each other’s communication style. I am hoping they can leverage this understanding and continue to make use of it going forward.”

A. Rai
Merck & Co., Inc.

“My team got a tremendous amount of value out of time management training and individual assessments.  The time management session created a methodology which allows sales people to take control of an otherwise uncontrollable selling environment by focusing them on the tasks at hand and seeing the big picture.  For many of my sales folks, they lose sight of the forest from the trees and don’t leverage their full potential in generating new business.  The program provided a systematic method to accomplish this goal.

Equally important was the individual assessments.  The algorithm used to profile my sales team and me, as a sales manager, was ‘scary’ in terms of how accurate it’s output was.  Given the accuracy of the assessment output, there was immediate buy in from the sales team and myself in the validity of the tool.   Learning about how different people react and function is paramount in managing client meetings and sales professionals.  If you have a better understanding of who you are and how you tick, you can adjust your sales approach accordingly which is especially important if your prospect does not share your same chemistry.

Also, as a sales manager, if you understand what motivates and demotivates your sales people based on their behavioral assessment, you can do a better job of allocating and motivating your sales resources in real time vs. time-consuming trial and error.  We learned that one size does not fit all when it comes to selling and managing.  The program provided us with a clear map on how to both better use our time and our people.  I would highly recommend a workshop to my internal and external peers and feel that the exercise gave us a competitive advantage in a highly competitive environment.”

J. Simone
Vice President, National Sales Manager
JPMorgan Asset Management

“Your presentation was great – concise and relevant to our issues.”

“You were brilliant and did a great job running an extremely difficult meeting.”

“The presentation was great with plenty of interaction and chance for discussion.”